Promo Series

Studios 15 played a significant part in the realization and execution of the promo "A Reiteration for a Retrial," the first in a series of promotional videos for the interactive tv pilot The Chronic Adventure Story.  The team assisted in the setup and layout prior, including providing it's own equipment and helping to establish a floor plan. 

Coming in early on the day of filming, the Studios 15 team assisted the director in providing briefing and previz to the rest of the crew on the day's shoot. Dispatching one of its team members, the company also assisted in the transportation of the shoot's main actor. In addition to being readily present on set and serving as a guiding presence, Studios 15 made sure to fill all additional roles where needed including assisting in the setup of sound equipment and the offloading of footage.


The shoot was only the first of a planned campaign with the Studios 15 team overseeing the next shoot currently planned for late Fall 2021.